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UMEX Online Course Introduction & Admin (AD1)
UMEX Online Course Introduction & Admin (AD1)
A one-lecture introduction on 'how to choose, purchase and follow' one of the Unmanned Experts online Training Courses.
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Aviation Fundamentals Course (AV1)
Aviation Fundamentals Course (AV1)
This 7 lecture course will provide the essential basic aviation knowledge required prior to any further UAS-related training. It is designed explicitly to provide those without an aviation background with the tools to engage in later Courses and...
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UAS Foundation Course (FC1)
UAS Foundation Course (FC1)
This 19 Module instructional program provides individuals entering the UAS market with the ability to ‘hit the ground running’. Attendees will gain a working knowledge of UAS system classification, roles and command and control options. UAS...
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Part 107 Academy Course October 30 (PT107)
Part 107 Academy Course October 30 (PT107)
Earn Your Commercial Drone License! Two More Drone License (FAA Part 107) Classes Now Scheduled Through Year End. Registration is NOW OPEN for the Part 107 Academy starting October 30! That week, you can pass the FAA Commercial Drone test...
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Part 107 Online Prep Course (PT107OL)
Part 107 Online Prep Course (PT107OL)
With the release of CFR Part 107, a whole new generation of budding commercial UAS operators can now legally take to their controllers and use drones in their professional pursuits. Unmanned Experts' "Part 107 Online Prep Course" has been...
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Legal Drone Use in Real Estate (RML1)
Legal Drone Use in Real Estate (RML1)
Real estate marketing is one of the most obvious uses for the latest generation of consumer drones such as the DJI Phantom 4 or Yuneec H920. Their ease of operation and astounding quality imagery combine to make them a vital tool for...
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3ic Test COurse
3ic Test COurse
TEst test
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RF Awareness
RF Awareness
Radio Frequency (RF) Safety Training course is conducted by knowledgeable, technical instructors capable of responding to questions regarding Radio Frequency Health and Safety issues. We’re committed to RF awareness safety training. This is a...
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