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UAS Foundation Course (FC1)

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This 19 Module instructional program provides individuals entering the UAS market with the ability to ‘hit the ground running’. Attendees will gain a working knowledge of UAS system classification, roles and command and control options. UAS design considerations, payloads and limitations are studied, culminating in a challenging UAS design and practical exercise. A UAS Mission Planning module also leads to a Mission Planning Practical Exercise. In depth consideration of operational and maintenance difficulties as well as a review of Human Factors, STANAG Compliance, further Payload options and more in-depth Component aspects will all be studied. A look at a number of case studies complete the Foundation Course and a detailed End Of Course Quiz leads to Certification. Personnel should have a general understanding of basic aviation principles or have completed the separate UMEX Aviation Fundamentals Course.

  • A.1. Online Course Intro and Admin Brief
  • B.1. UAS Basics Lecture
  • B.2. UAS Types Lecture
  • B.3. UAS Roles Lecture
  • B.4. UAS CONOPS Lecture
  • C.1. UAS Components 1
  • C.3. UAS Datalinks Lecture
  • C.2. UAS Components 2
  • P.1. UAS Payloads Lecture
  • P.2.1. UAS Sensors (1 of 2)
  • P.2.2. UAS Sensors (2 of 2)
  • P.4. UAS Weapons Lecture
  • O.1. UAS Human Factors & CRM Lecture
  • R.1. UAS Airspace Integration Lecture
  • R.3. UAS STANAGS Lecture
  • M.1. UAS Maintenance & Logistics Lecture
  • PR.1. UAS Design Lecture & Practical
  • PR.2. UAS Mission Planning Lecture & Practical
  • B.5.1. UAS Case Study - MQ-8B
  • B.9. UAS Future Capabilites
  • A.3. UAS Course Debrief and Quiz (FC1)
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever