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Aviation Fundamentals Course (AV1)

Main Courseware Bundle


This 7 lecture course will provide the essential basic aviation knowledge required prior to any further UAS-related training. It is designed explicitly to provide those without an aviation background with the tools to engage in later Courses and to begin to explore the use of Small UAS at first hand.


F2. Electro-Magnetic Spectrum
F3. Inertial Navigation Systems Introduction
F4. Global Position Systems Introduction
SF1. Aerodynamics Introduction
F5. Basic Aeronautical Data
F6. Radio Communications Introduction
SW1. Weather Effects

  • A.1. Online Course Intro and Admin Brief
  • F.2. EM Wave Properties
  • F.3. INS Navigation
  • F.4. GPS Navigation
  • F.5. Basic Aeronautical Data Lecture
  • SF.1. SUAS Aerodynamics Lecture
  • F.6. Radio Communications Procedures Lecture
  • SW.1. SUAS Weather Lecture
  • A.3. Debrief & Quiz
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever